Elm Street School Garden Project

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June 17, 2014

Elm Street School was able to have their very own 'Lettuce Party’! During this time lettuce was picked from the school garden, washed and prepared for the students to enjoy. After all of their hard work maintaining the lettuce crops over the last few weeks it was nice to see the students enjoying a healthy salad from something they grew themselves. Nutritious and delicious! Job well done!\

Check out our pictures from the Lettuce Party!

April 7, 2014

As we embark on our second year of the garden program we are both excited and eager to get started! Last week the Elm Street Elementary School with the help of the Juniors and Seniors from the Norfolk County Agricultural School were able to begin this years gardening project. Students were able to participate in the planting process and learned the basics of gardening. Over the next few weeks they will be able to watch the items they planted grow. Once the grow process is done the students will then be able to enjoy the healthy foods they have planted!

Check out our pictures as we continue our gardening journey to healthy foods!

Spring 2013

Our vision is for families, schools and the Walpole Community to work collaborativelty towards the shared goal of fit and healthy children. This unique collaborative project will give students a hands-on learning experience in the school garden and will be able to eat fresh and healthy foods that they grow.

Our goal is for the school garden program to have four raised beds. The Walpole High School Woodshop class made them for this project plus a bench to rest after our hard work.

Juniors and Seniors fromt the Norfolk County Agricultural School under the leadership of teacher John Lee has mentored ALL of the fifth grade students at Elm Street School on how to plant lettuce seeds.

We have wonderful seniors that are helping grow indoors, other plants that will also be put in the garden

Our Cafeteria Leader, Ms. Maria Hall, will have prepared meals with some of the produce.

We have received mini grants from multiple sources to help us (from Maria Hall, Johnson and Johnson Foundation and DPH). We have received reduced price materials from Gilmore. We have wonderful teachers and parents along with school nurses Gerri Polo, Susan Prindall and School Nurse Leader Kathi Garvin, Health Director Robin Chapell and Principal Mary Grinavic that are on the steering committee.

Please come back to this site often to watch our progress.