Building Codes

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Building codes and zoning bylaws are promulgated for the purposes of protecting the public's health, safety and welfare. A code is a collection of requirements pertaining to a specific subject to regulate specific practice.

EXAMPLE: A traffic code is a collection of requirement (driving regulations) intended to regulate practices for automobile use on roadways

A building code is a collection of requirements (e.g., exit signs and smoke detectors), which pertain to specific subjects (e.g., required exit doors and fire signaling systems), which regulate specific practices (i.e., designing, construction or remodeling buildings). This example insures two things: 1) Proper egress for occupants out of a structure (exit signs and doors); and 2) adequate time for the occupants to egress (fire signaling systems).

State Building Code
The applicable building code is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Building Code, 8th Edition. The "State" Building Code can be obtained from the State House Book Store in Boston, MA. or on the state bookstore catalog web site. For more information, call (617) 727-2834