Insurance Information

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Summary of Benefits

          Network Blue New England Value Plus

          Blue Care Elect Preferred - PPO

          Enrollment Form

RATES effective July 1, 2017

          Monthly Rate

          Rates per Pay period

DELTA DENTAL - Active Employees only

          Summary of Benefits

          Enrollment Form               

BLUE 20/20 Vision Plan  - Active Employees only

         Questions & Answers - Blue 20/20

         Summary of Benefits

          Vision Care Policy

          Enrollment Form

Section 125 - Flex Spending - Active Employees only

          Flex Spending Flyer

          Enrollment Form

          Medical Claim Form

          Dependent Care Claim Form

          Flex Spending Eligible & Ineligible Expenses

Good Health Gateway Ciabetic Are Rewards Program:

The Good Health Gateway program engages, supports and rewards members for health behaviors based upon estabished clinical guidelines for manage diabetes.  Members who adhere to all diabetes care activities receive all of their diabetes medications and supplies for free, without the need to make any co-pays.  If you or your family member has been diagnosed with prediabetes or diabetes then please look into this program which is at no cost to you to participate.  You only need to be enrolled on the Town's health insurance program to be eligible.  For addtional information pease go to their website at or call 1-800-643-8028


Insurance Rules & Regulations                                      

     Fitness Benefit Form

 Senior Supplement:

           Medex 2 Summary of Benefits

           Blue MedicareRx - PDP Summary of Benefits

           Enrollment Form

           Fitness Benefit Form

 457 Plan - Employees only

             Empower - Great West Smart Plan