COVID19 Vaccinations


Per the Governors address on 2/17/21, effective the week of March 1st, the state will no longer be providing first dose vaccines for individual municipal clinics; this will in fact have an impact on the Walpole Health Departments current COVID19 clinics currently being held at the Council on Aging.

At this time the Walpole Health Department will pause on their clinic signup procedure and therefore we will no longer be accepting new individuals to join the signup list. We understand that the Governor also announced on 2/17/21 the rollout of Phase 2 Group 2 to begin 2/18/21. We realize those newly eligible individuals will be looking to sign up for a clinic, however without our department having vaccine allocation, the Walpole Health Department is unable to continue with any new vaccination clinics. 

We strongly encourage those eligible to receive the vaccine to visit COVID-19 vaccination locations | to find other locations that are offering the COVID19 vaccine. It is also a good idea for those vaccine eligible individuals to continue to check the site to see if other locations have any available appointments to sign up for. Some of the local clinic sites include: Gillette, Big Y Pharmacy and CVS.

Those Walpole seniors needing assistance to register for a clinic, please call the Walpole Council on Aging for assistance at (508) 668-3330. 

Additional Resources:

Residents 75 and older without internet or are unable to use the website may also dial 2-1-1 to access the statewide COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling Resource Line. The live call center will be available in English, Spanish, and over 100 additional languages. Call center workers will have the same access to appointments that users will see on the public website. The line is open Monday though Friday 8:30AM - 5:00PM.