Season for Routine Street Opening Permits

Will close on November 15 and will Reopen April 1st (weather permitting)

A "Street Opening Permit" is required if you must excavate/dig into the street right of way or any work within the public street right of way. This right of way is not typically limited to the "traveled way" of each street, but also shoulders, curbs, sidewalks etc.

Permits are typically needed for: utility installations, utility renewals, removal/installation of curbs for driveways, and many other instances.

Permits are also needed for driveway repaving/or new driveway installation if any work, i.e. removal of asphalt and installation of new surface takes place off the private property and onto the street right of way.

The entity applying for the permit must be the contractor performing the work, since there are applicable bonding and insurance requirements.

The street right of way also includes that portion of a driveway termed the "apron", which is the portion of the driveway between a private property line and the edge of the traveled way.

Application fee is $100.

Further information regarding required insurance and bonds, applications, and copies of the rules and regulations may be obtained from the Town Engineer's office, 508-660-7211.

Regulations are available online by clicking on the Section 401 link in the Board of Selectmen's Policies and Procedures.

Click here to download a Street Opening application