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Telephone Emergency Notification System Swift 911

The Town of Walpole has a telephone Emergency Notification System. We use this system to notify residents and business owners in emergency situations, as deemed necessary. As such, if you receive a call from the Town of Walpole, the Walpole Fire, Police, Health or Public Works Departments, please listen to the message carefully.

This system also has the capability to contact you through the following options: your listed home or business phone, your cell, or your e-mail address. At this time, emergency notification will only be made to your listed home or business address.

If you would like to add an unlisted phone number, your cell phone or e-mail address or all three, enter your information below and click on the Submit button. ENTER THE NEW PHONE NUMBER AS THE PRIMARY PHONE. This will not replace any number we may already have on file for you. Making the new number a primary number ensures that you will receive the emergency notification call on the new number.

Please do not hesitate to contact us (508-660-7289) with any questions you may have.