Housing Partnership

Working for affordable housing in Walpole

The Walpole Housing Partnership (hereafter “WHP” or the “Partnership”) is a Selectmen-appointed town committee of nine (9) members that helps to facilitate the availability of affordable housing in the Walpole community, by pro-actively identifying the needs of residents for affordable housing and developing strategies to produce affordable housing that are consistent with other town priorities, the Housing Production Plan, the Town Master Plan,  and the Town’s character.

Committee Members

Name Title
Andrew Flowers Chairman
Audrey Grace Vice Chair
Willa Bandler Clerk
Benjamin Barrett Member
Elizabeth Barrows Member
Philip Czachorowski Member
Georges Hodges Member
Denise Landry Exec. Director, Walpole Housing Authority (Ex-officio/non-voting member)
Jeanne Nickola Member
Michael Teeley Member