Inclement Weather Policy

The Library Director will be responsible for the decision to delay opening or to close the library in the event of inclement weather.  In the Director’s absence, the senior staff member according to the Organizational Hierarchy policy will be responsible for that decision.

Decisions about inclement weather will be made by 8:00 a.m., two (2) hours before the library is scheduled to open to the public.  A message will be left on answering machine of the Main Library number (508-660-7340) in the event of a delayed opening or a full day closing. 

In the event that inclement weather forces the library to close before its regularly scheduled time, the message on the main number of the library will be changed at least one-half hour before the library closes.

Factors in making a decision to delay opening or to close the library include:  road conditions, safe access to the building and a properly cleared parking lot.  Library patrons and staff are encouraged to check the message on the main library number or the library web site before coming to the library.


Adopted by the Walpole Public Library Board of Trustees, February 15, 2011.