Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is comprised of 15 volunteers appointed by the Town Moderator. The Committee is empowered by the Town Charter to advise and to make recommendations to the Town Meeting Representatives as to its judgments on all articles and budgets of the warrant report. The Committee acts as an advisory committee on all financial matters of the Town and reports its recommendations to each residence prior to each Annual or Special Town Meeting.

The Finance Committee spends a significant amount of time reviewing the annual operating and capital budget of the Town. Our review includes consideration of historical expenditures, department requests, Town Administrator recommendations and the recommendations of other Boards and Committees. In all cases, the Finance Committee attempts to obtain both sides of an issue in order to insure that our ultimate recommendation is well informed. In certain cases, the Finance Committee will form sub-committees to meet with departments that have larger operating budgets that require more time for complete review. The Finance Committee is always willing to meet with any department or group that wishes to discuss their specific situation. A similar process is followed for all other warrant articles that have financial implications. The majority opinion of the Finance Committee is then presented to all residents and Town Meeting Members prior to each Town Meeting. The Committee has sole responsibility for the disbursement of monies from the Reserve Fund. The Reserve Fund is a budget set at the beginning of each year to provide for extraordinary or unforeseen expenditures. The Finance Committee meets on Mondays and Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. prior to Town Meetings, at Town Hall. It may be necessary to hold additional meetings from time to time in order to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Committee.

All Finance Committee meetings are open to the public. The dates and times of all meetings are announced and posted in advance at Town Hall and on the Town Hall website.

Board Members

Josette Burke
Mark Trudell
Dennis Crowley
Kathleen Foley Greulich
Douglas Shea
Lisa Van der Linden
Jeffrey Fisher
Larry Pitman
Steven Hendricks
Jean Kenney
Alice Susan Lawson
Audrey M Grace
Scott Wassel
Vacant Seat