Pond Management Committee

The Walpole Pond Management team is aggressively working to bring our ponds back to the condition they once were. Our goals include water treatments, water front improvements, aeration fountains, and future dredging possibilities. We are also working on many community based projects that include the re-opening of Turner Lodge, and the 1st edition of the Walpole Ponds information booklet. It’s time to get our kids out of the house and away from the television. Let’s teach them how to fish and ice skate. Together we can revitalize what was once an everyday part of past generations lives.

The principal town ponds are: Clarks Pond, Cobbs Pond, Memorial Pond, and Turner Pond. Other smaller ponds include Seventh Pond, Eight Pond, and Colburn Pond.

Any questions are answered and all comments are taken to the heart as passion runs deep when it comes to our ponds. Don’t hesitate to contact us at the following numbers and emails:

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Committee Members

Name Title
Daniel Ryan Chairman
Cliff Snuffer Vice Chairman
Dave Melish Treasurer
Bill Conners Clerk
Eric Skogseth Member
Paul Stelmash Member
Shawn McDonald Associate Member