Recreation Committee


The Recreation Committee is appointed by the Board of Selectmen and has full responsibility for and full charge of all recreation activities sponsored by the Town of Walpole.

- Walpole General Bylaws: Chapter 182-2

Unless otherwise noted, the Recreation Committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00PM in Lower Blackburn Hall. 


Welcome to the Walpole Recreation Department, your pass to first-rate recreational, educational, and cultural programming in the Town of Walpole. The Recreation Department offers hundreds of programs for Walpole residents each year, each contributing toward our mission of improving the quality of life in the community for residents of every age group and interest level. Our programs range from special community events, to youth and teen programs, aquatics, adult enrichment courses, field trips for senior residents and more.

Visit to find out about our many programs and services, or to register for an online account.

Committee Members

Name Title
Joseph Grant Chairman
William Buckley, Jr. Vice Chairman
Richard McCarthy Regular Member
Annelise Fair Regular Member
Michael McGrath Regular Member
Lorraine Dundon Associate Member
Jeffrey Hutnick Associate Member
Robert Taglienti Associate Member