Library Board of Trustees

The Library Board of Trustees is the governing body for Walpole's public library and whose powers and duties are defined in section 3-9 of the Town Charter.  The board has legal responsibility for the provision of library services, custody of library property, appointment of the library director, expenditure of funds, and determination of library policy.  One of the primary functions of this board is to ensure that library services effectively meet community needs.  Working with the library administration, the Library Board of Trustees also assists in planning and goal setting for the library.

Trustee meetings are open to the public.

Residents wishing to provide direct input can reach the Trustees at the following e-mail address:

Board Members

Name Title
Jennifer Marciello (2023)
Elizabeth Chase (2025)
Deborah McElhinney (2023) Chair
Marian Rosoff Encarnacion (2024)
Barry Oremland (2024)