Trust Fund Commission

The Board of Commissioners of Trust Funds was created by a vote of the Annual Town Meeting of February 7, 1931. This vote accepted the provisions of MGL Chapter 41, Section 7 and 45.

Powers and Duties

The said Board of Commissioners shall, so far as consistent with the terms of the trusts manage and control the same, and distribute the income in accordance with the terms of the respective trusts.  The Board shall keep a record of its doings, and at the close of each financial year shall make a report to the Town, showing the total amount of the funds, and their investments, receipts and disbursements on account of the same, setting forth in detail the sources of the receipts and the purposes of the expenditures.

Appointing Authority

The Board of Selectmen is the appointing authority for the Board of Commissioners of Trust Funds.  Their authority is cited in the Walpole Town Charter, Article III, Section 3-2 (B)(4).

The Board appoints three members of the Commission.  Terms are for three (3) years with one appointment expiring each year.

Board Members

John F. Sheehan
Susan H. Brown
Lorraine M. Dundon