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The Town Clerk's Office is often considered the core of local government, and serves as the central information point for local residents and citizens at large.

It is the mission of the Town Clerks Office to provide quality service to town residents, town departments, as well as boards and committees in order to comply with state and local mandates of Massachusetts General Laws.

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     Voting Options during COVID-19 

 There are three options for voting this election season.

  1. Early voting,
  2. Absentee Voting
  3. or Election Day vote.

The Town Clerk is encouraging voting by mail either with an absentee or early voting ballot to reduce your risk of exposure to the virus during the election season. Absentee voting and early voting differences are described below.  


During this COVID-19 Pandemic we are strongly encouraging voting by mail for all elections this year. This can be done in one of two ways. The voter can apply for either an absentee ballot or an early voting ballot. Both require an application or a request by mail. The differences between the two are stated below:

Absentee Ballot application: A voter may apply for an absentee ballot for three (3) approved reasons.

  1. The voter will be out of town on the day of the election
  2. The Voter has a physical disability that prevents the voter from going to the polling place. This will include (only until June 30, 2020) any person taking precaution related to COVID-19 in response to a declared state of emergency or from guidance from a medical professional, local or state health official or any civil authority.
  3. The voter’s religious beliefs prevent them from going to the polling location.

Absentee ballots are mailed out as soon as the ballots become available. Family members of qualified absentee voters may apply for their absentee ballot and may also deliver their absentee ballot to the Clerk’s Office. When an absentee voter returns their ballot, they may still vote on Election Day as long as their ballot hasn’t been processed. Absentee ballots are counted at the polling location on Election Day.

Early Ballot application: All qualified registered voters are eligible to participate in early voting. This is a “No excuse” needed to vote by early ballot.

Early voting ballots will be mailed out once the ballots are available. A family member may NOT request an early voting ballot for another early voter and may NOT deliver the ballot on behalf of the early voter back to the Clerk’s Office. Once a voter returns their early vote ballot and the ballot is received by the Clerk’s Office, they may no longer vote on Election Day or any other way. Early vote ballots are counted on Election Day at the polling location or at a Central Tabulation Facility, if the Town chooses to have one.

The absentee and early voting ballot applications are available by clicking the absentee or early voting application link on this page. You may also request either ballot by sending a note to the Town Clerk’s office. The applicaiton can be scanned and emailed to our office, placed in the Town Hall drop box or mailed in. Please note the the US Postal Service suggests allowing one week for mail delivery. Any questions please call the Town Clerk’s office at (508)660-7296


Town Clerk PSA on Voting During COVID-19



of a decision of the Zoning Boad of Appeals or Planning Board
Call the Town Clerk's Office at 508-660-7296 and someone will meet you at the door to certify the date of the filing of the Appeal.
Do not leave any appeal document outside or in a drop box.





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