Meeting and Study Rooms

Meeting Room Policy

The Walpole Public Library's meeting rooms are intended for the informational, educational, and cultural needs of the community. The library’s meeting rooms may be used by non-profit groups engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, or civic activities. The meeting rooms shall be made available to such groups on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.

Meeting room reservations are made through the Reference Desk, 508-660-7341. Recurring reservations will be accepted for no more than three months at a time. Reservations are not automatically renewed. Please notify the Reference Desk, as quickly as, possible in the event of reservation cancellation.

Policy: When not being used for library programs, meetings rooms may be used by non-profit groups whose primary clientele are Walpole residents. Such use of the rooms must be free and open to the public. Where there is a scheduling conflict, the library reserves the right to schedule meetings to another appropriately sized room. The meeting rooms will be scheduled according to the following priorities:

  • Library related meetings or programs up to one year in advance.
  • Municipal or school related meetings or programs up to six months in advance
  • Other local non-profit groups may use a room on a first come first served basis up to three months in advance.

General Guidelines:

  1. All requests to use a meeting room must be made in advance by an individual who takes responsibility for the group's compliance with this policy.
  2. Meeting rooms cannot be used for personal or family purposes. The meeting rooms are not available for purely social functions (functions designed for entertainment with friends or associates.)
  3. Groups using the meeting room will be held responsible for any costs incurred by the Library or the Town as a result of that use. The Town may require that a group post a bond to cover anticipated costs (e.g., security) in advance of the program.
  4. The condition of the room must be neat when vacated. Wall hangings and furniture are to remain undisturbed, unless special arrangements are made in advance.
  5. Meeting room set-up is the responsibility of the reserving group. The library will assist in room set-up only as scheduling and staffing permit.
  6. Only light snacks may be served. No facilities are available for cooking meals. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  7. All activities must be confined to the meeting room. Approaching library users for the purpose of encouraging participation in the group's activities is prohibited.
  8. Storage of personal property, equipment, and/or supplies is not permitted in the Library or in any of the meeting rooms.
  9. No soliciting of business or fundraising is allowed.
  10. The use of any meeting room must not interfere with normal operations of the library.
  11. Attendance is limited to the meeting room capacity.
  12. Any exceptions to these guidelines must be approved by the Library Director before a reservation is made. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in loss of use of the meeting room.


Meeting rooms

Community Room:

The Community Room is a 30 x 47 foot space with a seating capacity of 120. The room amenities include black-out and sun shades, a projection screen, a lectern, a sound system, DVD player, nine wireless microphones, ten tables (2.2 x 5 ft), and 120 chairs. The room also contains a small kitchenette that is available for use. An electronic piano is available for use.

Special Guidelines:

  1. Individuals requesting the Community Room must be at least 21 years of age and be present when the room is in use.
  2. After hours use of the Community Room is permitted with the prior approval of the Library Director. A group member must be trained on Community Room closing procedures prior to using room.
  3. Audio-visual equipment is not allowed to leave the room.


Children’s Program Room:

The Children’s program Room is a 20 x 22 space with a seating capacity of 30. The room amenities include black-out and sun shades, a projection screen, sink, work counter, five tables (2.2 x 5 ft) and 30 chairs.

Special Guidelines:

1. Approval for the use of the Children’s Program Room is obtained from the Youth Services Librarian (508-660-6384).

2. Preference is given to Children’s Room Program and youth-centered meetings.

3. Reservations for the Children’s Program Room may only be made one month in advance.

4. The Children’s Program Room may be used only during regular library hours.


Pinnacle Room:

The Pinnacle Room is a 15 x 22 space with a seating capacity of 12.  The room amenities include black-out and sun shades, a projection screen, a whiteboard, six tables (2.2 x 5 ft) and 12 chairs. The Pinnacle Room may be used only during regular library hours.


Walpole Room:

The Walpole Room is a 15 x 22 space with a seating capacity of 8. The room amenities include sun shade, a scanning station, a microfilm machine, one oak table (4 x 9.5 ft) and 8 chairs. The Walpole Room houses the library’s archive collection and is primarily used for local history and genealogy research.

Special Guidelines:

  1. Food and drink is prohibited in the Walpole Room.
  2. The Walpole Room is an overflow meeting space and cannot be directly reserved.
  3. In the event the Walpole Room is used as a meeting space, individuals seeking access to the collections therein will be allowed use of the room concurrent with the ongoing meeting.
  4. The Walpole Room may be used only during regular library hours.


Study Rooms:

The Walpole Public Library has 5 study rooms available for individuals and small groups. Four of the five study rooms seat up to four people.  The fifth study room (The Stone Room) is larger than the others and seats up to eight people. Each study room contains one table and a set of chairs. Study rooms are not sound proof. Please check-in at the Reference Desk before occupying a study room.

Special Guidelines:

1. Study rooms are reserved on a first come first served basis.

2. Study rooms may be reserved once a day for up to two hours at a time.

Study rooms may be used beyond two hours if there are no requests from others for their use.

3. Reservations may be made up to one week in advance.

4. Anyone not checking in within 15 minutes after the scheduled reservation time will have their reservation cancelled. The study room will be made available to the next person requesting room.

5. The Stone Room may be used as an overflow meeting room and is not available to individuals during these times.

6. Study rooms may be used only during regular library hours.


Approved by the Walpole Public Library Trustees on June 25, 2014