Join the Medical Reserve Corps

Volunteers are needed to assist in preparing for and responding to Public Health emergencies such as when we have to dispense vaccines/antibiotics to the general population in the case of a flu pandemic or bioterrorist event. As a member of the Walpole Medical Reserve Corp, you gain a lot of insight in Emergency Preparedness as well as other perks.

We will need:
Medical personnel: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical technicians, counselors, etc.

Clerical processors: greeters and registrars

Security: traffic flow, parking, etc.

Transportation: to help people get to our dispensing sites.

Child care: for our other volunteers

What you can expect from being a member of the Walpole Medical Reserve Corp:

  • Free training and continuing education credits, as you learn emergency management and disaster medical operations
  • Skills development, to ensure that you will be ready to pitch in when a medical crisis occurs
  • Delivery of medical care within your level of expertise to commensurate with your background, skills, and expertise, as required by the incidentNetworking with other health care providers, as part of a critically important and specialized team
  • Options to participate in initiatives that enhance public health such as vaccination and education programs
  • The ability to serve the emergency public health needs of family, friends, neighbors and loved ones in your own community

If any vaccines/antibiotics need to be dispensed, volunteers and their families will be given them first

If you are interested in volunteering, please call the Walpole Board of Health at 508-660-7321.

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Want to know what Walpole’s MRC is all about?
Watch this Region 4a MRC recruitment video (Walpole MRC is part of this region) and then contact the Walpole Board of Health office to join our unit. We would love to have new members!

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