The Engineering Division of the Department of Public Works provides technical assistance and expertise, as well as engineering design and inspectional services on town sponsored utility projects as well as sites and subdivisions being developed by private entities. In addition, this department provides assistance to all Boards, Committees, and Commissions for the Town.

The Engineering Department continues to prepare construction cost estimates for subdivisions under the control of the Planning Board, the method that the Town uses to ensure adequate monies be available should a developer default on obligations.

This department provides ongoing inspectional services for subdivision construction as well as Town utility installations and repairs from first excavation to final paving and street acceptance. In an effort to ensure that streets and utilities will last for many years to come, we are attempting to upgrade our inspectional services through more intensive use of manhole vacuum tests, and compaction testing of subdivision streets.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Margaret E. Walker, P.E. Town Engineer (508)660-7213
Chris Johnson Assistant Engineer 508-660-7213
Ron Preibis Inspector 508-660-7211
Lauren DiCalogero Clerk 508-660-7211