Dog Licensing

Dog Licensing Form

Who must License?
All dogs in the Town of Walpole must be licensed annually once the dog reaches 6 months old or within 30 days upon arrival to the town.  

Licensing Period
The annual licensing period runs from January 1st to December 31st, both dates inclusive.

Licensing Fees
The annual fees for licensing your dogs are as follows:
Spayed or neutered                   $15.00             
Not Spayed or Neutered            $20.00

Fees are NOT pro-rated and the licensing dates do not change based on date license was purchased.


For owners of up to four dogs, a kennel license may be obtained in lieu of licensing each dog individually. Identifying information, rabies and proof of spay/neuter is still required for each dog. The owner is issued four tags that correspond to the kennel rather than each individual dog. 

For owners of greater than four dogs, a kennel license is required. Kennels with five or more dogs must be approved by the Animal Control Officer. To contract the Animal Control Officer, please call 508-660-7365 or email A Kennel Form needs to be completed and submitted along with payment to the Town Clerk's Office.

Late Fees
Applications for a license renewal received after February 28th will be issued a $25.00 late fee along with the license fee. Licenses not renewed by June 1st will also be subject to a $50.00 citation issued by the Animal Control Officer.   

If you no longer own a dog you must notify the Town Clerk’s Office to avoid future notices and late fees. Call 508-660-7296 or send email with the owners name and address, dogs name and breed and indicate that you no longer own this dog.  

Licensing Forms
Dog licensing forms are sent with the annual town census in January.  This acts as notification of reminder for renewals for currently registered dogs. Please note that NO other renewal notification will be mailed. Dog owners, however, do have the option to provide their email address to receive email reminders and notifications.  Do NOT delay in returning your annual census as state law requires annual census forms to be signed and returned to the Town Clerks office within 10 days of receipt.  See link above for current licensing form.

In order to license your dog(s), you will need the following

  • A copy of a valid rabies certificate & certificate of spaying/neutering
  • Appropriate License Fee (per dog)   * Checks should be made payable to the Town of Walpole
  • Completed Dog Licensing Form
  • Self-Addressed .68¢ Stamped Envelope to have the tags mailed to you (you may also stop by  the Town Clerks office during normal business hours to pick up tags)