Birth, Death & Marriage Records

Vital Records

The Town Clerk can provide certified copies of all birth, death and marriage records that are on file with the Town.  The Massachusetts State Registry of Vital Statistics has records for ALL Towns / Cities in Massachusetts. 

The Town of Walpole will only have the following Vital Statistic Records on file:

  • Birth records:  Anyone born in Walpole or whose parents were living in Walpole at the time of the birth and the birth took place in Massachusetts.  
  • Death records:  Any death within the Town of Walpole or if the deceased was a resident of the Town of Walpole at the time of death and the death took place in Massachusetts. 
  • Marriage records:  Any couple who filed their intentions to be married in the Town of Walpole. Please note that even if the marriage took place in Walpole, we will not have the record unless the marriage intentions were filed here. 

Certified copies of birth, death or marriage certificates cost $10.00 for each copy, cash or check only. 

You can request certified copies of these records in person, by mail or by phone.  Please be ready to provide the name of the person, the type of record you are requesting, the event date (or approximate date) and where the event occurred.  If requesting a certified copy by phone, please note that you will need to either pick it up or mail in the form below, to have the certified copy mailed to you. Our office can not accept payments over the phone. 

Vital Record Request Forms:

The Public Record Law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts allows the Town 10 days to provide these records.  However, we are usually able to accommodate your request within one day.