Route 1A Project Information

Walpole Route 1A Improvement Project

Rt. 1A Improvements June 4, 2021 Update

Excavation and installation of drainage commenced on Hoover Road (off road in an easement at first) this past week and will continue from the easement onto Hoover Road the week of June 7th. It was expected that the contractor would also start drainage work in the North Street vicinity (near Country Kitchen) this past week, however, that work has been delayed and will not occur the week of June 7th. The North Street underground utility work is preparing for the installation of a temporary bridge over the Neponset River which will go in sometime in July. Most if not all other preparatory work has been completed. Drainage work on the Norwood end of the job is tentatively scheduled to start on or about June 14th. We emphasize tentative. There is no night work or detours scheduled at this time. Eversource continues transferring wires, cutting services over and setting the remaining poles. Eversource work is on schedule to be completed in June.


Project History:

MassDOT Project for Route 1A North improvements in Walpole (Project ID# 602261)

This Project has been in the works since 1997 and is necessary in order to properly maintain the infrastructure, as well as continue to ensure public safety and enhance economic development opportunities.

The proposed Project consists of reconstructing approximately 8,000 feet of roadway along Route 1A from our downtown to the Norwood Town Line including intersection and approach improvements at Fisher, Gould, Mylod and North Streets.

Route 1A is one of the Town’s main commercial corridors, as well as one of the region’s main thoroughfares.  This particular stretch of Route 1A passes through several residential areas, has two public schools in the vicinity and also serves many local businesses, including small and large commercial plazas.  The current condition of Route 1A has caused traffic congestion and troublesome safety issues for both vehicles and pedestrians, alike.  

In addition to addressing much-needed traffic and pedestrian safety concerns, the Project will also address economic development needs.  With the many businesses in the immediate area, improved infrastructure is necessary in order for them to continue to thrive.  Planned development activities in the immediate and distant future will be supported by the Project.

Why Project is Necessary

  • Public safety improvements for motorists and pedestrians
  • Route 1A serves as access to the Norfolk County Agricultural HS, as well as the Fisher Elementary School off of Fisher Street
  • Route 1A serves numerous residential neighborhoods, as well as several businesses and large commercial plazas
  • Assist with economic development efforts – both to support existing businesses by providing their customers and employees with safe and practical access and to support future growth by showcasing this busy thoroughfare as one that has updated infrastructure and can support a large volume of vehicular traffic

Regional Equity/Support

  • The project not only benefits Walpole; many surrounding communities utilize this stretch of Route 1A as main connection
  • No projects have been funded within this area (also referred to as the Three Rivers Interlocal Council or “TRIC” region) in the last five years
  • Town outreach  - While the route 1A contract may not be a project that is sponsored or funded by the Town of Walpole, the Town continues to work with our partners in State Government at MassDot and the selected General contractor, MDR Construction Co; Inc. The Town of Walpole is committed to working with residents and local businesses who are located on the route 1A corridor an to assist with traffic and other impacts during the construction period.

Additional Information

Detour Information

April 9th Detour Map

The detour route listed above is accurate as of the time it is published on the website. Additional detours will be operational at certain times during of construction throughout the lifetime of this construction project.

Project Contacts

Resident Engineer; Borman, Eric K. (DOT)

Leo Lessard MDM Project Super

Dan Melican MDM Proj Manager

MDM Business Phone Number - (978)851-1000