Summer Street, 55- DEP 315-1227

Order of Conditions issued 6-15-2021


55 Summer Street- DEP 315-1227

1) An Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation (ANRAD) DEP #315-1205 was filed for the Cofsky property with the Conservation Commission for the review of the Wetland Resource Areas on 7/15/2019, the hearing was closed 8/14/2019 and the Order of Resource Area Delineation was issued on 8/20/2019. 

2) A second ANRAD DEP #315-1215 was filed 11/20/2019 for the Baker Hughes lot 78, Map 52. The hearing was 12/12/2019 and continued to 1/08/2019.  The review includes bordering vegetative wetlands (BVW), land subject to flooding, vernal pools, cedar brook river and riverfront area. ORAD issued 1/15/2020.

3) The Conservation Commission anticipates a filing for review under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act in the near future.

4) A Notice of Intent and plans (NOI) DEP #315-1227was filed with the Conservation Commission on 5/21/20. The Opening of the Public Hearing is 6/24/20, public hearing continued until 8/12/2020 at 7:00PM. Submitted materials can be viewed below.

5) The Conservation Commission closed the public hearing on 5/26/2021.

6) The Conservation Commission voted on and issued an Order of Conditions at their  6/9/2021 meeting.

7) The Order of Conditions was issued 6/15/2021.

8) A request to Amend the Order of Conditions DEP #315-1227 was filed and reviewed at a public Hearing on 7/12/23. The Public Hearing was continued to 9/13/2023.

Legal Advertisement of Public Hearing
Notice of Intent Application
Plan Set: Howard Stein Hudson, dated: 5/1/2020

Supplemental Data Report: Howard Stein Hudson, May 2020


Request to Amend Order of Conditions revised plans